This is my very first blog post! After much pressure from the technically savvy, I’ve finally caved and started my own blog. I have NO idea what kind of content I’ll be adding from day to day, but the goal is just to write. The ideas will come as I go. At least that’s the hope. I don’t know. Maybe this isn’t going to work for me. Then again, I may decide I absolutely love it! Time will tell.

As this is my virgin venture into blogdom, I have much to learn regarding layout, themes, colors, features, yada yada yada. I suspect Lee will be an ever-present help to me in the next few weeks as I struggle to figure it all out. (He’s standing behind me and to the write…I mean right…watching over my shoulder…making sure I don’t screw anything up…putting HUGE pressure on me to get it write…I mean RIGHT!) hehehe

Okay, enough for my inaugural post. I’m going to dig in and start customizing my new online journal. Check back in the next few days to see if I’ve made any progress! Ciao for now!